Is there any need for fiction in our dailylife?

Do not many of the surrounding things seem yet enough surrealistic?

If paintings could talk, “Welcome Home” would be an animated portrait of the world in which we live...

In this work Vicenc Viaplana Ventura(VVV-Film maker&Visual artist) and I, established a dialogue made of replicas of different durations where true stories or legends, useful or forgotten objects, good or painful thoughts, real or digital images, newspaper extracts come together and get organized as if they were chapters of the same story.

“Welcome Home” was premiered at Roca Umbert Art Factory (Granollers, Bcn) on 24th April 2015.

Our audience witnessed a non-linear narrative where poetry, video (pre-recorded or produced in real time), dance and clown interweaved in an intent to invite each one to review the different elements of what he considers as a “HOME” or a “WELCOMING” home.




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