There is him and there is her,

They are trying to build a silent talk.

A silence that it is possible to see,that it is possible to share.

A fragile silence, a solid silence.An intimate one.

A silence that cohabits and cocoons in the so-called artificial and spectacular.

A spectacular that suggests,that observes.

It is Foulcault who once said that The Thought has maybe something else to do

rather than telling men how they should act.

Their is him,Their is her,

They are observing the world and together they whisper.

“Welcome home”, you could clearly hear.

He uses his eyes,she adjusted words.

Their is him and there is her.

On stage, they will melt their words.

To avoid the rumor, they wil have to writhe and with her body she will see how

the world will get upside down when she will start to dance.

“Welcome home”, you could hear.

© 2016 Patricia Habchy.  Avís legal.