'The Meeting Point' is a poetic and comical choreography, composed of gestures and everyday situations, where a man and a woman have a date in a public place to dance. The man is blind and the woman is clueless. An accordionist gives them the time, explores and improvises, accompanying this encounter, in search of the rhythms and musicalities that the bodies ask for.


We understand this work as a poem of surrealist brushstrokes in which the characters try to solve and dissolve the difficulties that are generated in an encounter, a gallant date between a couple. With imprudence and subtlety, they move in all possible directions to dismantle stereotypes and be able to meet.



The show is conceived to a blind and non blind audience, looking for games and new correspondences between visual information and textual and sound references.


“I introduced in my pictures elements with all the details that are seen in reality, and note immediately that these elements, represented thus, directly questioned their correspondence with the real world.” Magritte


This piece is a co-production of FiraTàrrega, Graner and Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera.

With the support of: Centre Cívic Barceloneta and Roca Umbert Fàbrica de les Arts


Artistic Rider

 Author and director: Patricia Habchy

 Artistic collaboration: David Climent (

 Assistant director and production: Sara Caeiro

 Performers: Patricia Habchy, José Manuel Nuez and Tanja Haupt

 Music: Live: Tanja Haupt, Sound 'collage' and voiceover: Miss Q

 Costume design: Viviana Calvitti

 Photography: Elisenda Fontarnau

 Lighting in case of interior presentations: Aleix Ramisa

Video: Sara Caeiro with the technical support of Looky Produccions

 Duration: 40 min

 Thanks to: tragantDansa, Jordi Cortés, Pasquale Bergamotto and Manuel Souto Pico



© 2016 Patricia Habchy.  Avís legal.