There are often moments of blank in my mind and I often need time to know what I really think.

So I often adjust myself to projects I undertake alone or in collaboration. These projects and collaborations allow me to search for what I could think. Sometimes I think with images, feelings, desires, gestures, humor, rhythms, accidents, fragilities, outfits, objects, tree branches...Some other times I think with words, in arabic, french, english, catalan, spanish...I do not decide it all. But I still decide to give it, at many moments, a shape and a direction.


This is what the “Patricia Habchy Company” is about and if I had to choose a totem for my work and my company, it would not neither be an animal nor a vegetal. It would be a diapason.

I like this idea that there could be a diapason in my mind. It gives the security of this point where I could always come back. Otherwise the world would seem to me just another variation of what was once called “The tower of Babel”.


You are very welcome on my page. I hope you are not bothered by disrupting the established order of things and that you are willing to offer me a collaboration. I trained in the fields of writing, clown and dancing and I wish to explore these ways of communication in many camps including the theatre stage.



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